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Software Developer

We are freelance software developers and software development company in Malaysia that provide software development for individuals and companies.

A software development in Malaysia and software developer’s job covers a range of different and interrelated activities. Software design, core implementation (alternatively called programming, which is in fact the most critical stage of software development) and a host of other implementations (such as data migration and configuration) are amongst the routine responsibilities of a software developer. As a result, a software developer is involved in all stages of the development.

Software Developer

Software Developer

Software Developer Malaysia

He should also keep an eye on the market and the users’ requirements and demands to make sure that the final product can perform well in the fierce competition out there. He is also involved in software product management which is aimed at gaining the maximum revenue possible. All along the way, he is expected to keep a detailed record of the process of development, its changes and its results. An important part of a professional software developer’s job is to conduct requirement analysis.


Freelance Software Developer

This is done in order to determine the conditions and needs for the project, taking into account (possible) conflicting demands of stakeholders. The process involves three main segments: eliciting requirements, analyzing requirements and recording requirements. A software developer or software designer is also concerned with specification and feasibility analysis which can include the selection of app framework and architecture. As the project reaches its final stages, a software developer takes part in testing and test analysis in order to acquire feedback from pre-release testers. He is also expected to take active part in software release and post-release activities.


Malaysia Software Developer

Maintenance of the product is also an important part of a software developer’s duties for software development service. A web developer does not always start out a radically new project from scratch. There are instances where he opts to make modifications to previous titles. A developer can also be the leader of a development team, contributing to the overall process run by trained individuals. One of the areas in which our company is highly active is software development.

Software Developer Malaysia

Software Developer Malaysia

Software Developer in Kuala Lumpur

We tend to keep an eye on the market to see which demands and requirements have not been met thus far. What matters to our software and web development team is the client’s set of requirements. As a matter of fact, that is why the project of software development starts out with a meeting held between the client and our team of software developers. The meeting would go on to become the backbone of the process, since everything is expected to go according to the client’s preference.


Freelance Software Developer in Malaysia

There are other instances where our web developers and software designers start out a project with no client per see. They find a gap in the market and aim to fill it by providing the best product possible. Our developers are well-experienced in developing and releasing software packages in a host of varying topics. We also make sure that our team of software developers remains highly active in post-release activities, providing required support where needed. With the introduction of our software development team, we attempt to actualize our dreams and ideals in the design world and provide the best possible services for our clients.

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We are freelance software developers and software development company in Malaysia that provide software development for individuals and companies.
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