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Software Designer

We are freelance software designer base in Malaysia that provide Software Designer service for individuals and companies.

Software design is an affair of art and mathematics. In the design process, the designer is concerned with problem solving, which includes algorithm design and architecture design. Simply put, a software designer and software developer implements software-based solutions to one, or alternatively, a set of problems. A software design usually provides more than one solution to each problem. This is deemed a merit in the design world since solutions are resource-based and may change overtones in different situations.

Software Designer

Software Designer

Software Designer Malaysia

A software designer is well-aware of design concepts, a springboard from which more methods and techniques can be implemented. These design concepts, necessary to a work of a software designer, range from abstraction (the process of generalization of content to get the gist), modularity (the way the totality of software is built on smaller components called modules) to data structure (relationship among bits of data) and information hiding (the way information in a particular module is hidden from other unrelated modules). In the process of software design, the designer should keep in mind a number of considerations, all important in the success of his work.


Freelance Software Designer

For instance, he should take heed of the notion of compatibility; i.e. software should be able to collaborate with other products towards a specific goal. It should also be in harmony with possible previous versions of itself (in case it is backward). Another consideration for a web developer to be made is that a software product should be fault-tolerant. A failure in one component should not result in the collapse of the total product. Reusability is yet another feature welcomed by software producers.

Software Designer Malaysia

Software Designer Malaysia

Freelance Software Designer Malaysia

A software title should welcome further modifications and add-ons. A software designer and website developer should also be well-aware of ‘design patterns’. These are solutions already provided by other designers in the past to common problems. This can accelerate the process of software design. Professional designers are expected to be able to work their way around complex modules and system specifications.


Malaysia Software Designer

They should also follow the latest in the design world, taking active part in courses and events and be in touch with other designers for software development in Malaysia, preferably in similar fields of software design. Also important in their job is that they should stick around for ‘post-sales’ support and provide possible modifications and consult when it comes to errors or bugs which may arise due to design flaws.


Software Design Malaysia

Our software developer team and software development company hosts a well-experienced and highly talented software design team. We as a web developer Malaysia team have tried to do our best in assembling a team of high caliber. Our designers are well-aware of how the process of software design should pan out from A to Z. At first they hold meetings with clients who look for special ‘solutions’ to particular ‘problems’. Our designers draw upon their knowledge of design patterns and make an outline of how the final design would probably be like. They also consider the notion of reusability, since the software developers attempt to make sure future modifications are also a possibility in their work. With the introduction of our software design team, we attempt to actualize our dreams and ideals in the design world.

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