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Front End Developer

We are website front end and back end developer base in Malaysia that provide front end development service.

At times labeled as ‘client side development’, front end development engages in generating JavaScript, CSS and HTML for an application or website in a way that users can interact with. Front end developers should possess both technical mastery involved in the projects and also a keen sense of communication and aesthetics. The job requires a medley of both since it is not only a matter of drawing upon programming codes, but also providing them in style.

Front End Developer

Front End Developer

Back End Developer

What a front end developer and web developer should keep in mind is that users are not necessarily well-read in programming languages and coding lingo. What the user requires is a user-friendly interface in which he can use the website or application in its totality. The user does not heed the intricacies behind the scripting process. It seems quite unfair that a front end developer’s job should be evaluated based on its ‘appearance’. Nevertheless, it is a rewarding experience to be able to ‘sell’ the ideas on a website or a web application.


Website Frontend Developer

Thus, the notion of usability is quite critical in their job. There are a number of tools that front end developers use to do the trick. These tools, as mentioned above, range from CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to JavaScript or HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The front end developer should be well-versed in all since his choice makes a great impact on the way the project pans out. For the sake of organization, they should also write specifications and requirement documents.


Front End Developer Malaysia

Front end developers should also be able to work on tight timelines and deadlines since, more often than not, they are asked to provide mock-ups and prototypes on a short notice. A successful front end developer is also completely familiar with content management systems like WordPress or Drupal. A host of software packages, such as Adobe Creative Suite, are among the tools that a front end developer usually uses, in which he should be highly-trained. Moreover, Malaysia website developer expected to be well-read in different debugging and browser testing.

Front End Development

Front End Development

Front end development

Front end development also deals with OOP (object oriented programming) and performance optimization tools such as PageSpeed or YSlow. A front end developer is also expected to have a solid grasp over the concepts and fabric of mobile friendly design and progressive enhancement. His experience with Sass and LESS framework also comes in handy during the project. All along the way, a front end developer should bear in mind that his job is evaluated based on notions such as usability, accessibility and performance.


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Here in our company as web developer Malaysia, we pride ourselves on boasting a team of highly-trained front end developers. Not only are they well-educated in their respective fields, but also they know how to provide the intricacies of front end development in an easy-to-get ambience. Our team members constantly keep an eye on the market to follow the latest technologies which they draw upon in their projects. By providing a team of expert front end developers, we attempt to take our design ideals to the next level.

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